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Mr Mac 06-27-2013 12:30 PM

Ford 5.4L V8 and spark plugs
Just wanted everyone to know that if you plan to swap out the spark plugs to the newer SP515 in your 5.4L, do yourself a huge favor and spend a minute or two reading this!

The Ford 5.4L is a great engine with a lot of power and it moves our truck with ease. Replacing the spark plugs has become a serious issue and tends to make money for some of the repair shops out there who are asked to remove the broken plug when the weekend mechanic snaps one off!

Do not give up hope! If you know you want to change out your older spark plugs, go to the parts store and grab a few bottles/cans of a good fuel injector cleaner (Chevron Techron is a good one) and run a few gas tanks with that stuff and it will loosen the carbon deposits that hold on to your plugs in the first place! Believe me, $15-20 worth of cleaner is far better than several hundreds of dollars to have a pro get the broken plug out!

So, how many tanks should you run? Good question! I would run three to four tanks with the cleaner in it before I ever attempted the plug replacement job! For me, I did it three times with great success!

Next is to put the new plugs in. When you do this, be smart and add an anti-seize compound unless you are using plugs with a metal plating (like NGK). This will help the next time somone has to do this!

I also have the technical service bulletin (TSB 06-15-2) if anyone needs it.

jrboney2004 08-24-2013 08:16 PM

any recommendations for a replacement one piece spark plug for a 2004 f150 5.4 3v

Mr Mac 08-24-2013 10:42 PM

Ford Motorcraft - MC SP507 platinum plug
Champion 7989
Autolite HT-1.5

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