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    Hi Everyone! We are just checking in to see if anyone out there already owns a Fold-a-Cover product that may have any questions we can answer? Or who maybe researching different hard folding tonneau covers and is looking for some information? If you are thinking about getting a hard folding...
  2. Just stopping by to say hi

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! As a new vendor, we just wanted to stop by and and say hi! Stop by our sub-forum and post pictures of your Fold-a-Cover, ask questions, or to find the coupon code we are offing F-150 ForumZ members!
  3. Tonneau Cover Users

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    Would like to buy a trifold tonneau cover for my 2012 F-150 SCAB 6-1/2' box. I used a tool box on the last truck but want to try a tonneau on this truck. Any recomendations from tonneau owners? Issues? How do they hold up over time? thedirtfan :confused: