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02 FX4 4.6L, whining sound

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Hey guys this is my first post. I just bought a used 2002 F150 FX4 crewcab 4.6L. A couple days after the purchase I'm noticing a distinct whine coming from it seems like the alternator or the power steering pump. It is NOT intermittent, the sound is the from the time the truck starts until you turn it off. it gets louder the more you depress the accelerator. it doesnt go away or get louder if you turn the steering wheel however. Any Ideas?

Much appreciated,
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Sounds like the bearings may be on their way out on either of the two units. You can narrow it down with the use of a mechanic's stethoscope or, like my dad always did it, get a long screwdriver and put the tip against the unit and the handle in your ear.

If the noise changes only with accelerator changes then my first guess would be the alternator. If it changes with both the accelerator and steering input, then it might well be the P/S pump.

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