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1986 F150 $x4 wiring issue

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Hello all, I am working with my son on his f150 4x4. It has a wiring problem. Battery drains while attempting to start it. Looks to be a short, but need readable set of drawings. Any help would be great. Thanks from Georgia!
Hello all. I am working on my sons 1986 F150 4x4. It has a wiring problem. We change the batteryt and attempt to start the truck. Attempt fails and truck keeps attempting to start with key removed. We are looking for a readable set of wiring drawings. Any help would be great. Thanks from Georgia!
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My manuals, unfortunately, don't go back that far. I did a simple search and did find this one and this, maybe they'll help. I will say, however, if your truck continues to try starting even after the key is removed then a couple of things come to mind.

First, there is a short in the wiring right there at the ignition switch and, second, the starter solenoid is sticking.

Take you for the drawings. This will come in handy. We have replaced the starter relay and starter. Got a great deal at Pull-a-part. We are now removing all tape from wiring look for nicks and shorts. Real fun. Wish us luck.
Luck and patience! Let us know what you find!

Had same problem, its solenoid brother, guarantee yuh!
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