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1986 ford f150

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i have a 1986 f150. i installed a 351w carbureted with the msd 6200 ignition box and cant get any spark! i need help with what wires i need hooked up to get engine to fire up
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Try this link and see if it helps you out.

thank u Mac! i printed it off and will try it this evening when i get over to the truck. i will let u know if it works! i hope so, storage is getting pricy.
ok, so what wires do i need to connect to go from tfi to duraspark 2 engine wiring.
Best solution is to call MSD and ask them for advice on this one.
i go it working! i had to hook it up with the duraspark 2 wiring. thank you mac.
Good news! Glad to be of assistance!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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