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1993 f-150 xl poor cooling A/C

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Hi My truck A/C sucks. Vent temp is 60-70 degess depending on humidity and temp outside. Retro fitted to 134a right now it is low on refrigerant. But when it was full on refridgerant it worked almost as poorly,

I have around 20 ounces of 134a in system now with engine off guages read 90 low 100 high, at 84 degrees ambient 60%+ humidity.

I think this means I have a restriction somewhere All components are new except the condenser. Now I have so little 134a in system because Guage readings and clutch would not cycle at higher amount of 134a.

With A/C running my clutch cycles off at 27 psi cycles on at 44 +/- high side with cycle fluctuates around 175-181 +/- all right in range for a fully charged fully operational system.

From orfice tube to Evap case ice cold and sweating, From Evap to compressor neither cool nor warm to touch just feels like it would with engine off.

So before I start ripping into this system looking for a restrictyion that may or may not be there. Does anyone else have any ideas suggestions. ?

If there is any other specs pressures or any info at all you need to better understand my issue just post I will get it.

Also I have felt entire system of lines looking for icing to indicate a restriction I found nothing
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