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1993 f 159 4.9 engine skips

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Dear Guys, I inherited my great truck several months ago from my dad that passed away. The engine skips. and the check engine lite goes on after about 5 mins. I have changed the plugs,wires rotor,distributer cap,coil, vacum hoses, ecm computer and don't know what to do. After the battery is disconnected the truck runs great for a few minutes until the ecm resets. As far as I know this tells me that the injectors,and compression must be good or it wouldn't ru:confused:n well for a few minutes after the battery is hooked back up. The truck has 140,000 on it and is otherwise perfect. Please help. Kim
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Welcome to the forum Kim.

The very first thing that needs to be done is find out what codes are being produced when the check engine light comes on. You can take it to almost any auto parts chain store and they should have a code reader. With that information we might be able to help find a solution.

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