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1995 f-150 hood release?

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I haven't moved my truck in a month, and when I pull the hood release lever inside the truck, it DOESN'T release the first stage of the opening process.

I took a rubber mallet and tapped on the hood, with the inside pull handle in the pulled position, and NOTHING is happening.

Any hints as how I can get the hood open?


Dale in Indy
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First, welcome to the forum!

My truck (2004) does the same thing to me and it takes two of us to open the hood. One has to hold the hood release while the other pushes down on the front of the hood. It seems as though on my truck, the latch assembly is just a touch low and could use and adjustment up, I just haven't gotten to it yet.

So, give that a try and see if it helps.

Thank You very much, with my bride's help, tomorrow we will give that a try. I should have thought of that, been there, done that in the past. ..

Dale in Indy
I was alone, so I pulled the handle out, then wired the handle to the seat adjust lever, then pushed the hood up and down several times, and IT WORKED. I WILL WD-40 THE WORKINGS..

.Dale in Indy
Glad you got her opened up, Dale! Thanks for keeping us informed!

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