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1997 F150 Manifold Bolts

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I bought a Surefire long block form Autozone. The old bolts from the upper sides of the intake manifold don't fit the new block. The other 8 fit fine. They are different lengths but the same size, 6mm 1.0. Should I return the block? Autozone has ordered a new one from Marshall in case I need it. The bolts should all be the same diameter and thread size shouldn't it. They worked on the old motor. I have been to Ford and they don't have any history of a change in size or thread. I went to Home Depot to buy several sizes and experiment, they only have 6mm 1.0. Any suggestions? Surefire hasn't helped any, I thought they would just send 6 new bolts and I would be on my way.
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Iwould contact Surefire to see if they're using the same heads or the older ones. While I would think there would be no difference, there must be somewhere.
wow sounds like a mess i hope you get it fixed oh and welcome to the site from nor-cal
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