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1999 F150 5.4 engine head removal

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Hello everyone and I have a major problem and would appreciate everyone's input as it have been awhile since I tore an engine apart. I was driving home and the engine got hot without warning so I pulled into a gas station and fill the radiator with water so I could make it home about 3 miles away.
Prior to pulling into the station the truck wasn't going over 25 mph. I did make it home and once I shut the truck off it never started again. I noticed anti freeze coming out of the exhaust pipe just past the y-pipe.
I immediately thought head gasket or warped head.
I have taken out some spark plugs to a compression check but does anyone know the average pressure I should be getting on a compression check. The truck has 155000 miles on it? Also Is there a best way to remove the heads
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While something around the 150 to 190 mark can be considered normal there is more to it. Grab a calculator and multiply the highest compression reading recorded by .15. For example, if the highest reading was 160 PSI, you multiply 160 by .15 which gives you 24. Subtract 24 from your highest reading and the rest should be above that mark and be close to each other. Anything below that is considered abnormal.

Hope that helps and, welcome to the forum!

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