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2005 F150 5.4 exhaust problems!!!

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I have spent the last two nights replacing the exhaust manifold gaskets on the right side of my truck only to find that wasnt the problem. I just developed the problem after pulling my new camper for the last couple weekends. It sounds just like the doughnut is out of the passenger side exhaust manifold. I start it up and there is a terrible sounding (what I think is some sort of exhaust leak) coming from the passenger side engine or down below, then it seems to get less as it warms up.... I changed the exhaust manifold gaskets because I thought that is what it was. The local parts store says there isnt a doughnut between the exhaust and the manifold so I am at a loss for words or thoughts. I am ready to back it out of the garage and lite a match to it. I cant stand the sound of it any longer... Any advise as to what it is would be greatly appreciated...
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I'm not certain if there is a doughnut between the exhaust manifold and the exhaust on 2005 models, but the first thing I would do is if the sound is loud, let the truck cool off. Then start it up when the sound is loudest. Get under the truck and place your hand near the connection. You will definitely feel the exhaust leaking if that's where it is coming from.

Also, check the for a loose connection there, and tighten if needed.
Hey yeh, thanks, I have done that, and really cant feel any leaks. I was wondering, is there some kind of valve in the exhaust that would be leaking or making some kind of noise and could use replaced? I see some kind of deal in the side of the exhaust pipe and was wondering if that could be leaking or something. It is cold here this morning so I am thinking of trying to plug the rear exhaust with something and see if I can see anything by doing that... Thanks again... Any further help would be appreciated.. One guy I know said he thought it sounded like I blew a spark plug out of the motor, but I think it would run sluggish if that was the case? But dont know?!?!? Thanks again.
You could indeed have a loose spark plug. I've seen the insulator come loose before. Rare, but it happens. That's easy enough to check.
So if you dont already have it fixed, i have repaired a few of these. Always replace the manifold to they seem to crack and not be able to be seen or warp. Also once you have it back together the connection to the down pipe likes to leak. Most times after repalcing a manifold i clean the pipe going down and apply a small amount of antisieze to help seal. also you need to drop boht sides to realign correctly. I have seen may poeple disappointed casue they thought there was still a leak and it was just the connection to y-pipe. In some sever case you need to tighten it and let it warm up then re tighten and if keeps leaking take long bar and place adjacent to where the doughnut would go and hit it with a large hammer. Seems to also help it seat. Hope this all helps
Had same problem on the same side of engine had to replace entire exhaust manifold got part from car quest and solved problem
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