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2011 f150 body and bed shifting????

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I have owned my f150 for just over a year now i only have 15000 miles on it. the other day i was outside looking at it and noticed the gaps in the door to be wider on one side and then started to look closer and saw my pass side fender seemed to be bowed out more than the other side, my bed also is pushed over more on one side than the other, the grill and hood are also not in line. i took it to the dealer that i bought it from and they kept asking me if i haul anything to heavy with it or if it has ever been in a wreck, i have done neither. they took pics and did some measurements then submitted it to ford. when ford replied to them they said it fell within their "warranty guidlines" but nobody including the service man who took the measurments could tell me what they were. however everyone who looks at it including the service manger himself can see the issues. has anyone else had these same problems if so what did you do about them??? thanks for your help!!
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Welcome to the forum! Since I don't own a newer F-150 I'll have to defer to someone else here who does.

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