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2011 F150 Defroster Question

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When floor heat only is selected there is alot of noise from the defroster as if it is on defrost only. Ford tells me all the 2011 F150 are like this. If you own a 2011 does yours do the same thing. Thanks
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Mine does not. There are blend motors behind the dash that GO BAD. I need to do mine for the a/c. My 2011 has 4 blend motors, I would bet one of yours is bad. This not a repair that should be entered into lightly. IMO. Probably to much time has passed for warranty repair. I would find a new dealer, they only get to lie to me once. The morons that sold me my truck lied twice during the same visit. I found another dealer and begrudgingly go there when it is necessary.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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