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2011 fx4 heat/blower quit working!!!

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I have a 2011 F150 FX4 with dual climate control and the blower has stopped working. I believe there is a small amount of heat coming out when set on defrost/floor, but hard to tell, with heat set at max and fan set at max. It does not work on any setting combination. Prior to it quitting altogether, it worked fine, but sometimes the fan would be stuck in the highest setting, if you turned it off and on again it would work as usual, had done this for a few months.

I have read that this may be a faulty blower motor resistor. Found that people have had similar issues on previous years. (92 all the way up to 09, FORD maybe you could get your sh*t together on this one?) What do you guys think? Is it located behind the glove box still? Is this something I could swap myself without voiding warranty? It takes over a week to get into the dealer in my region.

So far, pretty unimpressed with this truck. I've also had it in recently for a transmission leak. (pump seal at 20,000kms) and now this at 39,000kms. I test drove a Dodge yesterday, might trade this heap of junk in.
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I know I'm way late on this but my 2012 did this a couple weeks ago with 4000 miles on it. No biggie, just dropped truck off at the dealer and had them change the oil while it was there. An ongoing problem, sure but cheap and easy to fix. Certainly not enough of an inconvenience to make me buy another Dodge though. Been there, done that, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence but only cause of the septic tank…
Let the dealer take care of it if you still have warranty! If you get in there and something else goes wrong they'll deny fixing that because you were in there.
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