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2012 F150 V8 topspeed??? & break in?

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Hey guys! Anyone knows whats the governor for the 5.0V8? And the break in period?

I got carried away just now... This thundra is playing so i gave it a shot! I past him at 75mph but the limiter kicks in i think when i hit 85 or 90mph.. Is there a way to take it off? Whats the break in period? Just afraid i might mess up something here! Lol! I forgot im driving a BN truck! W 108 miles only...

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Usually a good 500 to 1k miles of varying speeds and no towing are good for a for a break in. Follow that with an oil/filter change. After that you can drive it like you stole it!

As for the governor, the top speed is controlled by the PCM and that would have to be reprogrammed.

Thanks! Mr. Mac... Can the dealer re program my pcm? Will it void the warranty?
I don't think the dealership is allowed to mess with the PCM without voiding the warranty. The speed limiter is there for a lot of reasons chief of which is to protect the drive train.
I understand... But what is the top speed for the 5.0V8? People on diff. Forums claims diff. Numbers...
I think Ford limits top speed on the F-150 to 100 mph from what I have been able to find. That said, there may also be a clock in the PCM limiting speed even further during break-in.

There are options like this...
That's a nice thing to have... I'll get it last though... Right now I want a running board. then work on the performance later next year after uncle sam mails my check! lol!!!
ok... I'm confused here... need your honest opinion. I went to service to ask them if what's the 2012 F150 V8 governor spped i? and the dude told me 100mph.. But mine only does 95mph? and he told me that it varys on the engine?

something wrong with my engine? i only have 500 miles on it.
It isn't that there's anything wrong with your engine, it only means that your truck is operating in its environment and the PCM has adjusted everything to get the best out of your engine. Look at another truck with the same power train and it will be different if it comes from another part of the country where they don't use ethanol or the air is thinner, or...
Thanks Mr. Mac!!! I what should I do to make the truck run at least 115mph? It's not that I'm going to drive that fast... but it's just good to know that my truck can run than speed.

Do I need just a programer? or a performance chip and Programer? any suggestion what products?


Yep, reprogram the PCM. Lots of different ways to do it...the link I provided in my third response is one method.
If you talk someone in reprogramming the PCM or install an after market chip, kiss your warranty goodby.
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