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2012 ford f150 ecoboost 157 in wheel base

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we have a severe wobble/shutter in our new f150 ecoboost - had it in shop in Brandon, Fl they replaced drive shaft and carrier bearing - Feduke Ford in Vestal,NY replaced transfer case, shimmed pinot angle 2 times after field engineer Joe Tomaso came to dealership - Joe Tomaso's answer was " this is as good as it gets" - I find it hard to believe that ford can continue to sell this vehicle when they are aware that it is defective - we use our truck to pull our camper, boat or a small trailer - under load it feels like the truck is going to shake apart - also it is very noticeable when truck is empty - start feeling wobble at around 4 to 6 mph - we were told that we pay to much attention to the truck when truck starts moving that we should just ignore it - nobody seems to no if this is a safety issue? Does anyone no when truck will eventually have major problems? We are very happy with truck and only want the wobble fixed - very unhappy with our salesman Chris Goffa, Vestal, NY and Warren Weeks, service mgr, Vestal, NY they have never made any follow up calls to us.
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That's disgusting!! I've heard of people having some action by writing direct to the company!! Was a different breed though..
F150 Wobble

In November of 2012 I purchased my dream truck 2012 F150 157" Crew with Ecoboost. it was everything I ever wanted and drove like a dream. About 3 months after I purchased it I felt a wobble every time I accelerated to about 5 mph. I returned to Bull Valley Ford, Il where they kept it for a couple days and then told me that Ford engineering told them that my 250 lb fiberglass top was changing the drive shaft angle causing the problem. I then went to Buss Ford, Il who laughed at the first dealer for lying to me. They ran all the specs again and sent it to Ford engineering. Their reply was that this wobble is a normal characteristic of the truck and I need to just deal with it. So much for the new and improved Ford.As a loyal Ford customer over the last 25 years and stockholder I am finding it hard to have faith in future products with this type of response.
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