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This is my first Ford I have owned. I bought it pre owned one year ago. 2018 F150

I have a 20' enclosed dual axle motorcycle trailer, this problem also arose using a friends 15' enclosed dual axle trailer.

This issue is not consistent. typically if i drive the truck and one of the above trailers about 150 to 200 miles and stop to get gas, turning the truck off while getting gas, when I go to start the truck it will not start and acts like the battery is dead.

The first time on a trip from Texas to Indiana I replaced the battery, after the second gas stop on the way to Indiana it did it again.

After waiting about one minute the truck would start. two weeks ago drove to Austin, TX, 116mi, to help a friend move, got to his place, stop and started the truck about 4 times moving it in and out of location and not one issue.
Drove from Austin to San Antonia 101 miles, stopped and started the truck about three times no issues.
Drove from San Antonio back home 150 miles, stopped at my exit to get gas, dam truck this time would not start at all, had to have it jumped this time. Drove 5 miles home unhooked trailer and no issues since. This problem has never happened when a trailer is not connected. This was the first time the truck had to be jumped to start, before I just had to wait about a minute or two.

Two dealers have checked the electrical system out several times and can not find anything.

I notice that when I trailer my rpm's are much higher than normal even using the trailer transmission tow mode.
Has anyone ever seen alternator that over charges a battery?

I am at a loss,

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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