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4.2 imrc change out

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Started this with my son, and of corse his truck, a 1998 4.2 F150.
We changed out the lower intake gasket and upper intake along with a upper gasket, reason for changing uper intake was I had broke off some bolts..
Ok we lost 1 pintle cap for an injector,also know the fuel lines are leaking.
When we started the truck it was knocking loud this sound was not their before. Is their a chance the pintle cap fell in the motor or could this be some type of Hydrolock.
Also when turning the motor over for the first couple of times,the motor sound funny like out of time.
We rechecked the plug wires and every thing good.
Gave a shot of either and it started but knocked loud.
Any help Please.
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It is very possible something dropped into one of the intake ports and then got in to the combustion chamber. I would pull the head on the noisy side and find out before I tried to run it again risking further damage.
Thanks for the input,. but was hopeink to hear something like a hydrolock..But will pull head.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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