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4.2L to 5.0L HO swap

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My good ole truck is runnin with a little more than 163k miles, and I found an 86 Lincoln Mk7 on craigslist with the 5.0L HO motor and tranny..the ad says take it all for says the drivetrain has 60k miles..the car itself is totaled...
My question is how difficult would it be to swap drivetrain? Older cars I don't have much issues with, but the newer trucks and their computers n' such leave me baffled and cornfuzzled...

any thoughts or ideas would be great :)

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kinda thought I would get some sort of feedback by now..geez
Sorry, been a long weekend!

There shouldn't bee to much of an issue swapping out the engine but the transmission from the Mk VII may need a longer output shaft.

The computer may pose a different set of problems if you try to keep the PCM that came in your truck as it is programmed for your engine/transmission combination. I would think it would be best to move it all from the Lincoln to the F-150.

Aside from that I don't know how many more sensors there are on the truck versus the Lincoln so you may also need to change out the wiring harness ($400 on up) to make it all work right.
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