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4X4 issue on 2004 Supercrew

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alright so this is the 2nd an last issue my truck is having. my 2004 supercrew's 4x4 is acting up. i can turn it to 4H and 4L with out a problem and you can hear it click over. the issue is that my front wheels are not locking in. im not sure what the issue is weather it be the transfer case or if it is something else. if someone knows or has had the same problem plz let me know id like to fix it soon, the mud is screaming my name. thanks for the help.
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I know it's been a while since you posted your question so if you already have this figured out, I apologize. On my '04 and an '08 I recently test drove, I found that I had to put the transmission in neutral before the transfer case actually engaged the front wheels. Have you tried that?

I had a similar problem when engauged it would make a clicking type noise under investigation i found i had a broken vacuume line on the passengers hub and it had completely stripped it out. a new hub an actuator to the tune of $450 from the local napa dealer problem fixed. well kinda now for some reason both have stripped completely and i had checked my vacume lines and they were within the tolerences when i replaced the first hub. so im leaning towards the fact that i have a bad selenoid somewhere along the vacume lines to the hubs. if im thinking correctly there is a selenoid on the firewall that is supposed to have a new updated "rain guard" im thinking this is the culprit in my situation. hope this helps you in some way also.
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