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60k check up

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Just got an 08 f150 with 62k on it. I wanted to start a relationship with my local dealer. Called for an appt. oil change, fluid check etc. He recommends i get the ford 60k service w/the spark plug change at 550. bucks. I've read about some problems with plugs fusing on the 5.4 engines so don't think he was triing to take advantage or should i. (There are no records that the plugs were changed) Anybody have any thoughts on this?
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My philosophy is better safe than sorry! Find out first what happens if the old plugs break and if there is an additional charge because once it's done, there's really no other option.
If they break and get stuck the dealer may have to remove the heads to get them out. thats apprx. a 1500.00 job. I think i may bight the bullet and get the plugs removed.
They have a special tool (similar to this one) they use so they don't have to remove the heads.
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