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Doing work on a 98 F150 4.6L. Truck idle horribly, drop it in gear and it gets horribly worse to the point it wants to cut off but doesn't. No power up hills. Backfires occasionally. Acceleration shakes and rattles, but once you let off the gas it calms down and is fine until at idle rpm then shakes again. List of what i have done / the owner said they did:
-Replace computer (owner)
-Replace plugs (owner) Mustang HP plugs
-Replace coil packs (owner)
-Replace PCV boot at Throttle body
-Un-mixed 7/8 Plug wires, they were crossed.
-Cut CAT's off, replaced with straight pipe (owner)
Cats were cut before they got the new computer. I am at a loss here on this. I have found 0 Vacc Leaks. I dont know where to go on it. Please help!!!!
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