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Hi All,

A few weeks ago I was rear-ended and I rear-ended the truck in front of me. Airbags sensors as well as backing up sensors were damaged; as a result of this I see a "Check Park Aid" in the main dashboard that I'm hoping will go off once the reverse sensors are installed. But also there's an icon that's shown in the SYNC3 screen. This icon is a small white truck icon with a red exclamation mark on top of it (see image). I've tried to find some menu in both the SYNC3 and the main dash menu but couldn't find anything that shows or mentions that type of icon, not even the F150 Manual nor the SYNC3 Manual either.

The alert can be dismissed by tapping on the home icon but it shows everytime I start the engine and engage either reverse or drive.

I'm hoping someone here have seen this type of icon and if so, would it go away once the reverse sensors and airbags are installed and reprogrammed?
Or if anyone can point me to some other places where I could go and find something about this issue?


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