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And Another Newbie Checking In!

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Hi all! Another Newbie to the forum from the Inland Northwest (Eastern WA, Eastern OR, ID, and MT). Finally going to be back in a Ford Truck. Been driving a Nissan Sentra the last 3 years and it's a nice car, but finally getting a new F150. Ordered my Truck on 4/2/2012 from Gus Johnson Ford, Spokane, WA. I have to say, if you are in the market for a new Truck in this area, go see Gus. It was the best buying experience I've ever had! Probably have bought around 15 new vehicles in my life so far. Would definelty go back to Gus. Also, got my VIN from the dealer this morning! Can't wait to get the truck! Going to attempt to track the progress of the build at :D
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Welcome and let us know what you find out about tracking your order! Also, let us see it when you get her home!

Regarding tracking the vehicle, no luck so far. The website keeps telling me it's not in the system. However, the dealer sent an email today and said build date is 04/30/2012 and expected delivery date to the dealer is estimated as mid May. If true, that exceeds my expectations quite a bit. Regarding pics, no problem at all. Driving my wife crazy with all of this Ford stuff.
Wives tend to get that way but seem to always forget that we don't get as wound up about curtains like they do! ;)
B Reeves, I'm new too. Just found this forum today. I didn't even know there was a newby check in until I saw your post. I have to say I am a huge fan of Gus Johnson also. I bought my last truck and mustang from them and their sales staff actually makes you feel good when you leave. They are the only car lot that didn't make me feel like I was ripped off a week later. I haven't used them 15 times, yet, but since I have a lot of kids that will be driving someday, I will probably use gus johnson ford spokane a few more times in my life. Welcome to this forum, and I'm glad I got to meet another Gus lover and not just another Ford lover.
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