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At a loss???? Help With Jerking / Hesitation....

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I have a 2002 Ford Expedition 5.4 My problem started with a Jerking and hesitation... Replaced COPS and Plugs which I thought fixed the problem. A few days later it acted like it wasn't getting fuel when I tried to start it. I replaced the fuel pump and filter. Truck started fine with no problems. Just a few days later the hesitation returned but this time it was different then before. It happens at anytime not just under a load and jerks very hard. Sometimes the truck will even shut off completely but starts right away. Sometimes leaving from a stop it will jerk or shut off. I have also replaced the crank trigger sensor, EGR valve check all vacuum lines. No codes are showing up. Gas milage is TERRIBLE around 8-10 mpg. Any Suggestions :confused:
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How about the TPS, have you checked/cleaned it as well?
I have not. I will try that this weekend. I will let you know what the out come is. Thanks.
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