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brake light?

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hey guys just bought a 2005 and the brake light stays on the fluid is up and ive set and popped emergency brake several times it wont go out, what should i look for? is there a switch adjustment under dash for emergency brake or are their some type of sensors? forgive my ignorance this is newest vehicle ive owned thanks
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A brake light that stays on is telling you something. Most likely there is something going on with one of the ABS sensors. If the light is on there is a code to be had. Take your truck to the nearest parts store and have them read the codes and that should get you heading in the right direction.
i will do thanks, i guess i should have clarified that it was the brake warning indicater in the dash that is staying on and not the brake light in the taillight, i didnt realize the computer had codes for the brake system thanks for the heads up
No worries, it was a pretty easy guess when you mentioned the fluid levels and e-brake.

took it to advance ,they say no code comes up that it must be rear pads but they look like new, so where to look? is their an adjustment on emergency brake cable that could cause this?
Let's start with the simple stuff and work our way through it. Start with the switch at the parking brake pedal. First, make sure it is seated in its holder and hasn't moved out of place and that the wiring is intact.

With the ignition switch off, disconnect the parking brake switch and then turn the key on. If the light is on then it isn't the switch, if the light is off replace the switch

If the switch is good, then the next stop is the brake fluid level sensor at the master cylinder.

Again, with the key off, disconnect the brake fluid level sensor, connect a 5amp fuse between tan/light green striped wire and dark green/yellow striped wire and turn the key on. With the key on and the light off, replace the fluid level sensor.

That should get you going for now. After that it will be the wheel speed sensors and possibly some dirt or some other foreign matter caught between it and the wheel.
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will check thanks a bunch
Same problem - Red brake light is on (NOT the ABS light). Checked the e-brake switch, checked the float switch, jumpering out the connector, light is still on. Any ideas?
Brake light on

My e brake light came on my dash about a week ago and stayed on for about 10 miles but when I stopped and turned truck off it went off. Now it came on and won't go off. I have checked the fluid and sensor and I have also checked the button on the e brake. Unplugged them both but light stays on. Help me ! Don't know what else to try. I even tried anothe instrument cluster but it was on also.
Fordguy, not sure if you have fixed your problem yet but I have the same issue. I have disconnected both the master cylinder reservoir sersor and the e-barke switch and my lite is still on (flickering). I just looked at the electrical drawings and the only other thing it can be it the instrument cluster. both the e-brake switch and reservoir sensor take the cluster miro chip to ground to complete the circuit. Is it possible the cluster you put in was bad too? Let me know if you have fixed the problem and what you did to resolve it.

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