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c-6 trans for 300-6

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Hello ford heads!
I have a f150 4.9. 3 speed od trans. 1994
Afreind of mine told me there is a way to bolt a c-6 trans to a 4.9 if i use a 70's or 80'sa model trans.
I dont know what to look for.
Also he said to use a 5 bolt.
I guess im looking for clarification on this issue.
Like what to use and if there is any mods i need to know about.
I need to increase the pulling power of my truck.
thx in advance for your help in this matter. Greg
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The C6 was used for many years in both trucks and cars. If there is a difference in the bolt patterns then I would think it would have to be in the engine it mated to. Ford made a few I6 engines and the C6 mated to a few including the 250 and 300.

The C6 was a good transmission and was replaced by the E4OD which should bolt right up to your truck and gives a better gear range over the C6 since it is a 4 speed versus 3 in the C6.
Thx, mrmac
I think i have the e40d in my truck now. Im just concerned about the E40D holding up under
alot of pulling and hauling.
My plan is to change the rear suspension to a 3/4 ton.
In your opinion will the e40d hold up?
The E4OD was a beefed up version of the C6 which also added the fourth gear. I don't really think that moving to an earlier version would help too much. My '92 F-150 was a 4.9 with the AOD auto and I was able to tow my old ski boat without any issues.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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