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Can I chip my 1995 F150?

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I am looking to get more power so my truck is faster. I have a bunch of friends with fast diesels, and fast gas trucks too. I want to be a little bit faster than I am. I plan on putting headers, and a new exhaust on my truck, and i also want to chip it. But i cant find a OBD11 port, is it possible my truck doesn't have one?? My engine is the 5.8 liter v8.
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Chips are readily available for your truck so that part is easy. As for your truck and whether it is OBD I or II is a different animal! Most 1995 vehicles were still OBD I and 1996 saw the advent of ODB II for most all vehicles excepth the heavier ones that included the 5.8L and over 8K GVWR. Your truck was caught in the middle!

If you cannot find the test port under the dash (driver's side and should have a black cover) then look behind the glove box (should be able to slightly compress the sides to get it to swing all the way down) or under the hood. Either way, it should be a 16 pin plug.

By the way, welcome to the forum!

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