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Changed burnt out spark plugs and now truck won't idle

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So apparently, I waited too long to change out my spark plugs. My truck has 68,000 miles on it and I had the dealer doing all of the maintenance for the first 40,000 miles. I have been changing the oil regularly. My wife and I started noticing a loss of power and the engine sounding different over the last couple of months. So last weekend I decided to do a heavy tune up and check on as much as the owner's manual tells me too at 68,000 miles.

So I changed the oil and checked fluids. Started it up and no problems. Then I went under the hood and started changing the spark plugs. Not fun, but not too bad until I got to the seventh one and it snapped off below the threads. I was truly sad, because I thought I would have to remove the head to get junk out. I found out that Napa sells a tool that is just for this kind of thing. so I took off today and tomorrow as vacation days to remove this spark plug and finish tuning up my truck. After I used the tool and removed the broken spark plug, A mechanic told me to not put the new spark plug in and instead start up the truck to blow any junk out. I had my son start the truck and I watched the engine to see if anything bad happened. The truck started and spewed out smoke and then died.

I finished putting the last new spark plug in and tried to start the truck. It starts but it doesn't idle. I have to keep rev'ing the engine otherwise it dies.

Any thoughts? Sorry for the lengthy post, just trying to fill in all of the gaps.

Yes, the old spark plugs looked like they were worn down to where I wonder if 6 of the pistons were even running for the last month.

Any suggestions?

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HMMM sounds like you may have a air leak or the tp sensor unplugged. It is possible that you may have pushed off a vacuume line on back of intake while moving around the hoses. It is hard to find. You can only see it if you look up beside your tranny towards back end of engine.
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