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Changing my plugs...

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Hi All,

I'm about to embark on what I hope isn't an adventure, looking for a tip or two here...

I'm changing to Autolite HT15's on my 08 w/ 60K.

I know about the crack 'em and soak 'em, but I read (at Autolite, i think) that the engine should be "room temp". So, if it's like 45-50 out, not 70 like they want, will I be risking anything regarding breakage of old plugs?

And while I've watched a number of youtubes on the procedure, I"ve never done a set quite this complicated, so like I said, any tips would be appreciated!

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Room temperature is kind of a misnomer in all of this. As long as the engine isn't hot (heat causes the parts to expand) then you should be good as long as you do break them loose and then soak them.

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