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Check Charging System Nightmare!

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I have a 2008 F150 XLt Lariat. A few weeks ago (after oil change more than likely not related) the check charging system light came on at least says the wife. She failed to mention this. It was not a regular occurance. The other night on the way home the radio kept powering on then off. Then the windows and exterior controls were blacking out from loss of power and our headlights were dimming. The battery gauge said low. Made it home at least before the battery lost charge. I checked online and it seemed the likely culprit was the alternator. I took it out and had it tested it was fine. Now I am confused. I am not a truck guy. My father says the starter, my father in law says voltage regulator. I need help on knowing how to check said parts and what to do next...HELP!
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