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"Chirp" or "squeak" noise when placed in gear

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I am new to this forum, but not to Ford trucks:)

I just bought my 06 F150 CrewCab 4x4 Automatic with 90k miles. I need some help finding the cause of a "chirp" or "squeak" noise when first placing the truck in gear while cold. It has only made this noise after total cool-down, except for one time after driving.

The one time after driving is when I put it in PARK and the vehicle rolled just a little (like normal) until the parking gear caught. When it stopped, it made the same little noise.

I've never had a vehicle do this. I've experienced squeaky u-joints, brakes, bearings and the like, but not what I have described.

Any suggestions on what it may be?
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After closer inspection, the noise is clearly coming from the rear of the truck. My guess is a u-joint that is starting to dry out. I need to get someone in the vehicle to shift from D to R - back and forth until I can determine exactly where it is coming from. I am confident that it is not a tranny noise or rattling/loose equipment.
I'd rather replace a U-joint any day of the week over a transmission! Glad it might well be something easy (read cheap)!

I agree with ya Mac. I have a new u-joint ready. I'll post with an update after I have it in tomorrow.
Please do! After my issues this past week I wish a U-joint was all I had to worry about!
Better posting a little late than never!

I was lucky this time - one of the flange bolts was missing. Two of the other three were hand tight, and the third, I just unscrewed it with my fingers :eek:

I went ahead and checked the u-joint and it was fine. Put it all back together and used a compatible bolt that I had laying around to take the fourth bolt spot.

Got in, put her in gear - no squeak! Took her down the highway and didn't experience any vibration at all which it had before :)

Now I'm getting ready to tackle the spark plug replacement tomorrow. I've read up on the posts here to help me with that task so I hopefully don't have any break on me.

I'll also post an update to that when I can.
That is certainly good news and, yes, you got lucky that your drive shaft didn't pop off of there going down the highway, but, you already know that! ;)

When you put in the new plugs add a little insurance for the next round and add a touch of anti-seize compound to the plug threads, you won't regret it!

How lucky can a guy get???

I followed the suggestion of soaking the plugs with penetrant oil before and during the plug removal. It worked wonderfully :D

Now for a little helpful information. The plugs that came out were Champion 7989 plugs 5/8" size and looked normal other than the electrode style was like any other standard plug :confused: Obviously someone had been in there before and in my opinion, they put the wrong style plug back in it. Hence, that's probably part of the reason that they weren't so bad to get out wothout breaking.

I had been informed by my local mechanic that the only two plugs that he would install is the Autolite HT1 or HT15 which are 9/16" size and have the ring style electrodes. The HT15 is what I installed, and yes, I used a nickel type anti-siezing compound on the threads.

She purrs like a kitten at idle and runs like a bat out of hell when given some pedal :D

I think I'm done for a while now and saved myself over $100 for doing this myself.

Maybe now I can get what you're getting in mileage or at least closer to it!
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Good deal! I was looking at the HT15s myself for the next tune up which is due in a few months. Good thing I get a military discount from Advance Auto!

Did you buy the special tool to get the plugs out or did you just use a deep socket and have at it?
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