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Clutch Problems!

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I have a 2000 F150 with the 4.2 motor. Im having issues with my clutch. Its been acting crazy at times when the pedal catches right off the floor instead of 1/2 way up as normal. I have to pump the pedal to get it to come back up then its fine for a few days to a week. What could be the problem?
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Have you already checked the reservoir to verify the fluid level? Any new leaks under the truck?

The symptoms you describe almost lead me to think that there is either air or some other foreign matter in the system. Has it been opened recently for service?

The hydraulic clutch system adjusts automatically to compensate for clutch disc wear. Have you checked the friction disc and pressure plate for wear?
Im having the same problem. Are there any simple ways to check the friction disc and pressure plate. ive bled the system twice in the past week and have a bunch of air that ive bled out. i cant find where there is any leak. any help for me?
There should be an inspection cover over the lower half of the flywheel that can be removed to perform a visual inspection of the flywheel, friction disc and pressure plate. Just be sure to put it back to prevent foreign matter from getting up in there and breaking flywheel teeth!
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