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Down shift when holding - set on cruise

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I have been concerned that when holding the - set button on cruise control while driving about 65 my pick up shifts down to 5, 4 then as low as 3rd gear. I have never had a pick up shift down let alone two and three gears before slowing more than 10 mph.
I contacted the dealer and he said it should slow down when holding the - set button. When I commented that it should let of the accelerator but asked if it should shift down like that. His reply was he never heard that complaint before.

Anyone out there get transmission shifting down when holding - set button and no foot on brake?
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Mine does too

I used to drive in the Mts in southern NM. I got frustrated with the it and even asked FORD if there was an upgrade/fix for this. They checked and said no.

Now if I am falling off a hill I just hit the pause button and the tranny will stay in 6 engine revs a bit because of the increase speed. Hit resume at the bottom and all better.
The PCM is merely trying to match engine speed with vehicle speed and normal operation would be to downshift as you decrease speed. That way when you accelerate it is already in a gear that is correct for your current needs.
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