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Hey everyone,

So a few days ago I came across an issue where my E-brake light was staying on and making that horrible beeping noise for a good 5 minutes before it turned off.

I did the basics checked to see if the brakes were actually still locked, test drove, looked and smelled for brake burning smells and smoke.

So next thing I just looked at the sensor and I activated it a few times to see if the light would turn off; which it did immediately. So further investigation it appears that 1. The sensor is now not low enough to detect the brake release which could bdamage cause by my carelessness of releasing it with no foot pressure or something behind the scenes is preventing the brake from raising all the way. I seem to think it's the first option as it appears the brake is as far as it can reach and damn near looks like it dented the bracket that's holding the release lever(Guess I'll have to be more conciensious of that in the future).

Either way I disconnected the sensor for now to get rid of the indicator noise and plan on getting another one soon.

Anyone else ever have this issue is my question.
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