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1993 F150 4WD

Speedo and Radio inoperative!

About 10mi from home, while climbing long hill, a burst of black smoke.
Drove to friends house (about 6mi) and towed on flat bed from there to home.

Was able to drive on and off flatbed with no unusual sounds or behavior.

The fuse (#18 10A) was blown. Replaced and Speedo and Radio now OK, BUT according to the Ford Electrical Trouble Shooting Manual Fuse #18 is also responsible for power to the shift solenoids in the E4OD!!!

I'm now assuming that the front seal is destroyed, and before drop transmission, I'd like to know the following:

1. Consequences of driving 35 miles w/o shift solenoids operating.

2. Consequences of driving 6 miles low on tansmission fluid.

3. What can I test w/o filling with fluid - it takes 17q when empty!

4. Any caveats and unusual procedures when removing and reinstalling transmission.

5. Does the Ford Shop Manual have info on testing solenoids?
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