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Eco boost gas mileage

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Welcome to poor gas mileage! I have had my 2011 F150 with the Ecoboost engine for 1 year now and I drove it from western NY to Tampa FL recently and averaged 17mpg. The truck has 8000 miles on the clock so it is broken in. I tend to push the speed limits by about 10mph and I averaged 62mph on this trip of 2600 miles.
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I have an FX4 with max tow pkg. Getting 17 mpg combined driving. Biggest disappointment so far has been towing mileage. Towing a 30' TT at a weight of around 8000 lbs, I've averaged about 8.5 mpg. Did a short test at different speeds (using the truck's fuel monitor) and got about 10mpg at 55 mph, 9mpg at 60 mph, and 8 mpg at 70 mph.
radio bob it might be the fact that you got some gas with more additives in it.
hey gray i got a 2010 xlt 4x4 5.4 running 3.55's and on the flats i get 11.7 with a 29' jay feather BH at 7780 LBS doing 60 MPH. throw in some hills or heavy head winds and MPG drops out the bottom.
not towing anything I got 20.6 mpg on a 6 hour somewhat flat trip. I also have a tune though
not towing anything I got 20.6 mpg on a 6 hour somewhat flat trip. I also have a tune though
What rear end Package do you have? They are building mine today…. ordered the max tow package, so I have3 the 3.73 rear. Wondering what my hwy mileage will be.
I've got an 04 f150 extended cab with the 4.6L and get 10-11 around town. Shouldn't this be 14-16? My son has an 11 f150 crew cab with the Mustang 5.0L, goes like hell and he gets 14-17 around town. Where am I lost here? Is there something wrong with my 04?

Mine is strictly a garage queen or pavement pounder. I used to go from Tucson to Silver City 6 times a month. Depending on the wind it got 17 plus even low 20's. I run 5 over most of the time flat or hills. Mine has the 3.07 rear gears and 18 inch rims. which I suspect is what Ford used to send to the mileage folks. I am turning just about 2 grand at cruising speed. In 6th there is plenty of punch for passing.

With 60k+ on the engine I know that wind of any sort effects the mileage as well as a dirty air cleaner. I use the stock filter box with a Wix paper filter. Arizona is not a clean place for turbos. Paper filters are cheap. I had a k&N on my 5.4 and never noticed a bit of difference. Not interested in taking chances with the last truck I will buy new.
I use nothing but synthetic oil. Not sure if it helps that much and I may change back to MC synthetic blend next oil change now that I am not traveling any more. I wish I could get the MC full synthetic here but unless I want a 50 gallon barrel I have not been able to locate it.
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