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engine swap

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I have been offered a free 1992 300 inline 6 and my truck is a 1988 with a 300 inline 6 with close to 400,000 original miles on it. The existing engine is starting to need some work. go figure. I guess what I need to know is , is this swap possible and if so will there be any modifications to make. I realize that I will probally have to use some of the existing components but if anyone has some guidence to this swap please let me know.thanks
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I don't believe that the engine itself changed much except in the way it is aspirated. If I recall the 1992 model year still had the option of a carburetor or throttle body injection (TBI). If the new engine is carbureted as well as your old, then there should be no problems. If it does have the TBI then the difference is in the wiring harness.

That said, you can always swap out the induction systems and go from there. Either way it should be an easy swap.

thanks for the reply. it is feul injected. i figured on probally using the wiring and acessories from the 88.

Be sure to keep us posted on your progress!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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