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F150 1990 Electrical meltdown

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So this is what happened:

Smelled some rubber/plastic burning one day - didnt think much but the nest day went to try and start and it was dead. Jumped started it but battery would not hold charge - got a replacement battery and when I hooked it up the alternator burned up. So replaced the alternator and when hooking up battery the fusible link at the solenoid melted down. Seemed like I was getting excessive current draw so thought the starter was forzen. Pulled it and you could tell it had some burning and was fried. Figured the excessive current draw was due to that so replaced the starter. When I hooked up battery again it sparked and and melted down the new fusible link. So somewhere I am getting a excessive current draw and I figure it could be a exposed or broken wire some place - figure it could only be a few wires since the draw seems so big. Figure it may be one of the wires hooked to the solenoid - and yes I did replace that when I replaced starter. Dont have any drawings - any ideas or help appreciated
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