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factory alarm bs

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How and are you able to disengage the factory security- when the vehicle is unlocked by the key in the door method the alarm goes off if you dont turn the ign. on in 15 secs:(
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From the owner's manual...

You can disarm the system by any of the following actions:
• Unlock the doors by pressing the control on your remote entry

• Turn the ignition to the on position with a programmed coded ignition
• Unlock the doors by using your keyless entry pad.

• If using a key in the driver’s door to unlock the vehicle, a chime will
sound when you open the door and you will have 12 seconds to
disarm the alarm system using any of the actions above, otherwise the
alarm will trigger.

Pressing the power door unlock control within the 20 second prearmed
mode will return the vehicle to a disarmed state.
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I'm not happy with this alarm either.
dam thing is constantly going off on me. I was cleaning my truck , had the keys out of the ignition, opened rear passenger door and it went off again. It's very annoying. Would like to disable it, of at least reworked when it works.
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