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Flashing engine light.

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Hello everyone i'm just looking for some help with my vehicle. I own a 1998 ford f150 4.6l triton v8. I was leaving my house to go on a snowboarding trip about three weeks ago it was a rather warm wet day and all of the sudden my check engine light began to flash. I imediatly pulled over and restarted my truck, once it was started again it was solid.

I turned around and started driving towards home. I get a small amount of feedback from my speakers and usually it's a smooth whizzing sound but as i accelerated the sound began to stutter rather than remain smooth. after about 5 minutes of driving this went away and the check engine light remained on.

so today I went out it's also a wet day and it's raining quite a lot. on my way into town everything seemed okay. then on my way home the check engine light began to flash again and the feedback from the speakers became choppy again.

I would also like to mention my battery light is on but it was on prior to the first time this happened.

I'm just wondering if the belt could be loose or slipping due to the wet weather? please correct me if i'm wrong!

thanks for reading and thanks for your help!!!:)
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Usually flashing means a misfire code. I havent seen a belt slip unless the tensioner is bad
If the battery light is on then you have a voltage issue with it. It is either a dying battery or a bad alternator. Check belt tension and check your battery and alternator voltages. Battery (engine off) should be around 12.5 VDC and engine on should be about 13.6 VDC. Clear that issue first and it may clear your flashing CEL.
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