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Fold-a-Cover G4 Elite Review

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I recently purchased a new (to me) truck and then did some research and purchased a tonneau cover for it. I have really been enjoying my new G4 Elite Fold-a-Cover so I thought I would leave a short review.

My favorite feature is that I have the option to open the cover form either the front or back, it makes it easy to get items in and out of the truck without having to always walk around to the tailgate. I also decided to get the Personal Caddy (basically a drop-in toolbox) so that some of my smaller items stay organized and don’t roll around in the bed. I was worried at first about having room for longer lumber until they told me it is a suspended installation that leaves about 4 inches open under the caddy (see second pic for what I’m talking about).

The cover is relatively light weight so it is still easy enough to fold up and down by myself. In the folded position the cover leaves me plenty of room to haul anything I need with the 4 panel design vs. most of the other covers I looked at having only 3 panels. I don’t plan on taking it off really, but it looks like just pulling out the caddy and removing 4 bolts should do it…wouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes probably, but you’d need two people to help pull the caddy out as it goes in pretty snug against the side walls.

The low profile design of the latches is a plus and I really like being able to open the cover without opening the tailgate, especially nice when it’s parked in the garage; otherwise I would have to open the garage door to open the tailgate first. Each latch (front and back) has its own locking mechanism to help keep all the items in my bed secure, plus that means I can keep the caddy locked and have the other end open if there’s nothing in the bed to secure.

We did get some pretty good rain this past week and I did have a few drops near the tailgate. Not sure where they came in, but I think just adding some of that tailgate seal stuff should close up any holes where water could get in. About the only real “complaint” I have is a couple times I've closed the cover first, then the tailgate, which then bends back the seal on the edge cover. Not really a complaint, more just something I have to remember not to do anymore!

Overall, definitely a great purchase for me.
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Thanks for the detailed review

Thanks for the detailed review of the Fold-a-Cover. I am (newly) in the market for a truck bed cover and had not considered the factor of being able to open it from both ends. I can see how this feature is important.

Are there any other comparable brands that you considered that had the feature of opening on both sides? (if so, were any of these capable of folding up completely while not needing to be removed from the truck bed - like the tri-fold covers that fold up and rest upright against the back of the cab?)

Secondly, I am also in the market for a liner for my truck and it (like yours) has the tailgate step. Do you have any recommendations for liners which will work with the tailgate step? (I liked the Bedtred ones but there is not one that covers the tailgate with step).

Thanks for any further information you can supply. You have already been most helpful!
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