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Hi Everyone!

We are just checking in to see if anyone out there already owns a Fold-a-Cover product that may have any questions we can answer? Or who maybe researching different hard folding tonneau covers and is looking for some information?

If you are thinking about getting a hard folding tonneau cover check out our sub-forum or our website for more information on our G4 Elite and LS Series Fold-a-Cover.

We want you all to know since we are now a sponsor of this forum we are offering all the members here an additional $25 discount on top of any promotion currently running in our Factory Store ( by simply using the discount code F150zSpring25 when you check out! (Code Expires 7/15/13)

The coupon will work for ANY Tonneau, Personal Caddy, or Step Tube. So if you have any other friends with different make or model truck, or want to add the caddy to your cover, it will work for that too! Feel free to share it!

Remember, feel free to PM us or email us at [email protected]

Here is our G4 Elite on a F-150
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