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front end rubbing noise when turning

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My 2001 F-150 4X4 Off Road has a strange rubbing noise in the front end at low speeds when turning. Brakes have been completely redone with new calipers, hoses, pads, etc. but the rubbing noise is still present. This "rubbing" sound is only at low speeds and only when making a low speed turn or turning while normally acclerating from a stopped position. The noise is not present when driving straight ahead after normal acceleration from stopped position. It feels as if something is in a bind somewhere in the front. There are NO grinding noises; only a "rubbing" sound that is accompanied by a slight vibration at low speeds or when turning the vehicle after a stopped position. Suggestions?
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Do you have new tires? Have you looked at the tires and the inside of the fender wells for signs of tire rub?
Tires are not new and do not rub. I did consider that first off but there is no sign of the tires rubbing anywhere. I do not have to turn the wheel much at all and the "rubbing" sound is both felt and heard.
Transfer Case

I would check the transfer case. This sounds like what happened to my 98 Jeep 4X4. Take off the front drive shaft and see if the noise persists.
Transfer case

Thanks. I will check the transfer case to see if the problem is being created there.
Rubbing noise

Finally had the "front end rubbing noise" diagnosed and corrected. Turns out the noise was in the rear differential. (noise transfer caused the sound to appear to be coming from the front) The rear differential clutches were bad. Replaced them. Noise is gone. All is well.
Rubbing Noise

Just curious as to the cost of this fix... I believe I have the same issue and was wondering what it cost to get his corrected...

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