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headlights won't work

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Recently my headlights stopped working. I have a 2003 supercrew v8 4.6. Started when I turned put on the right turn signal. Lights went out but turned right back on. Worked for awhile then did it again but as soon as I turned off blinker they turned back on, again it was when I turned on the right turn signal. Then I had the auto lights on and the lights just went out so I turned the switch to the on position and they came right on. I changed the switch and checked fuses and the problem still exists. Everything works but the headlights. I can put on the high beams on the flash to pass. Did that so I could get home. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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At first thought it sounds a lot like there may be an intermittent open in the multi-function (dimmer/turn signal) switch wiring in the steering column.
multi function switch

Does that mean I should to change the multi-function switch? I'm not very good at checking continuity. Thanks for responding.
Sometimes those things can be as easy as tapping or moving the switch (to cause vibrations) with the lights on to see if they are adversely affected.
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