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Hello from PA - my name is Danny

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I am new to the forum and hope this will help me keep my new truck running.
I was given to use a 1997 F150 4x4 5 speed manual with multiple problems.
My dad will let me use as long as I fix it and pay for my gas.
Not a bad deal as long as I learn how to fix.
I have more time than money now and I am motivated to get this truck going.

The truck is in rough shape, but have already learned how to put in a new headliner in that only cost me $26.00 in material.

The issues are many but I am taking one at a time.
The truck is currently on the road and drivable,
but the oil pressure guage varies wildly while sitting at an idle, especiailly when yhe clutch is pushed in.
2. four wheel drive will not engage
3. reverse lights out
4. sometimes stalls when clutch is pushed in and it goes to idle
5. cannot find an oil dipstick (it is gone)

I fixed the transfer case linkage with some PB blaster, it was impossible to move in/out of 4 high to 2 high.

My skill set is limited right now but growing everyday.
under the truck today trying to find out where the vacuum is lost in engaging the 4 wd.

I always wanted a Pickup truck.
My dream truck is either a F350 Diesel or a Ram 3500 w/Cummins

That is enough from me now


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welcome to the forum!!!
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