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Hello to all fellow f150 owners

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Ive been driving a 2002 f150 flareside with step sides since buying new to replace existing 1982 full size bronco that I had specially personalized. When fuel prices started rising the need to upgrade to f150 became obvious. Now, once again with rising fuel prices, I am loooking to uprgrade to newer f150 with ecoboost.
My needs for full power have dwindled slightly so having seen specs on all choices I think xlt 4x4 model with 3.5 twin turbo ecoboost will be fine. However I would still like to keep in the theme of the flareside with steps, being that I am only 5 foot 4 inches tall, difficulty reaching the tie downs when loading or unloading makes sides steps handy. I can not find the similar side steps on any ford sites, they seem to have been replaced with retractable under mount steps.

Question: is ist still possible to get body moulded side steps on the new design trucks? Or is the new undermount step the way to go? I kinda liked the formers styling.
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Welcome to the forum!

Alas, the Flareside has gone the way of the dodo! Too bad, if you ask me, I too liked them, a lot. Nowadays you can get the integral steps for a price or you can add the undermount steps from sellers like our very own Lance from N-Fab.

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