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Help! Fuel Door magnet latch is broken!

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Hi. I have looked for the solution for this problem.

The magnetic latch that holds the fuel door is broken. You know the one-push it once, it extends and you open the fuel door. Push it again, it catches the door and holds it in a closed position.

Well, the darn thing no longer holds the door closed! I tried taking the latch out to see if I could fix it, and that didn't work.

Do I have to make a trip to the F-150 junkyard to pull an old working one out of a junked truck or is there another option?
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First, welcome to the forum!

Second, what year truck?

Issue Solved!

After spending more than 6 hours in "recycler" yards (don't call them junk yards) for a fuel door for a 2001 F150 Super Cab, I finally realized what I was looking for was an aftermarket part. Yes, it is from a gas cap fuel door by Bully, GD-201C to be exact. I found one on E-bay for $30.
The latch that holds the door shut was no longer working. I bought the whole thing.
Problem solve-ved!


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Glad you got it all fixed up! Maybe I'll find one of those for my truck!
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