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HELP!! I running out of ideas

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Hello guys;
I have a great 1999 F-150 XLT Flare side. It's a 4.6L auto trans. It is a great truck but I've been dealing with this for a few weeks now and it's beginning to frustrate me. The check engine light come on, I checked the code and it indicated "Exhaust recirculation gas flow insufficient". I have replaced the EGR valve, regulator and solenoid. I checked the vacuum tubing and vacuum, all good. I took off the EGR tube from the manifold and checked it and the port for restriction, both clear. Checked the EGR port in the intake manifold and it appears clean. I reset the code and it ran fine, no light, no miss for two days, then it came back on with the same code. It misses sometimes under a load and fuel mileage is down. Anyne seen this before, any idea where to look next? What am I missing, this shouldn't be this aggravating. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Did you check the DFPE (delta, or differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor? It's the sensor that it monitors the pressure on the EGR valve to make sure it's working correctly. It should be right there by the EGR valve.
I think so. The guys at the parts house called it a regulator. Flat rectangle block with two vacuum hoses mounted between the EGR solenoid and the EGR valve? I'm beginning to wonder if I need to have the engine control unit checked. This shouldn't be this big a deal to figure out. I even considered seeing if I can find a good engine control unit in a salvage yard and swap it out, to see.
Might be the next best step. Good luck and keep us informed on your progress.

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