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Help with Bed Cap Latch/Lock Cover

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I’m in a jam.
I’ve lost the black plastic snap on cover for the lock/latch on my bed cap.
My dealer has been no help and e-mails to Ford have referred me to my dealer.
Can anyone put me on the path to getting a replacement?
I don’t even know the actual manufacturer.
Thanks in advance.

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First off, welcome to the club from So. Illinois!

If I have it right, that bed cover was made by UnderCover and you can get parts from them directly.

No joy.....I called.

Undercover's latch/lock is different.
I sent an email to a friend who works for Ford so we'll see what he says.
Okay, have your dealer parts department look this one up for you.

Part #: 99501A42
Pack Qty: 1
First thing in the morning, I'm on it!!
I sure hope this is it.
Okay, have your dealer parts department look this one up for you.

Part #: 99501A42
Pack Qty: 1

I checked with the Parts Department at my Ford dealer.
This is the part number for the whole bed cap assembly.
They can't even tell me who makes this assembly for Ford.
Thanks for the effort.
I was able to find the Ford Factory bed cover at this website:

This is the page that shows the cover nearly identical to mine:

Here’s a picture from the website:

By golly, that sure looks like the right item. The black plastic snap down cover for the latch-lock on the top surface of the bed cover near the back had a Ford Logo as I recall. I can’t see it in the picture.

The core of the part numbers XXXXX-99501A42-XXX for these covers is the same as mine but the prefix and suffix is different.

Sadly, this website provides no means to communicate with it other than to place orders (no contact us) choice.
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Using Cut & Paste I sent a copy of the above post directly to Ford Customer Relations. Here's the response I just got:

Hi Kevin,

This is Jamie from Ford's Customer Relationship Center (CRC). I received your
email regarding your interest to purchase a tonneau cover for your 2010 Ford

To directly assist you with your inquiry, we encourage you to contact your local
Ford dealership if you are interested in ordering specific accessories via the
website Ford Accessories website (

Please note that the Ford dealership that you specify will provide the final
price quote, including installation costs and taxes, and order the accessories
for you. For updates and information about your order once it is placed, we
recommend speaking with the dealership you specified on the order.

To locate your local Ford dealership’s contact information, please follow the
steps listed below:

> Go to
> Select the "Service" tab
> Select "Locate a Dealer"
> Enter your zip code or locate dealer by name

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.

Customer Relationship Center
Ford Motor Company
Do you think that Jamie even read my message or do you suppose it's a case of poor reading comprehension?

This kind of thing can really shake my brand loyalty.

In the standard response information I had to fill out to send this message I explained that my local dealer was unable to help me. This too seems to have been overlooked.
That's their standard first response. Email them back and let them know you have already tried the dealer and that the part number you were given is wrong (the one I sent you) and really push the issue.
I did that immediately.......we'll see.
I finally got the replacement cap with the help of my local dealer and some prodding from corporate.

All set.
So glad to hear you got it all straightened out!
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